2 May 2011

Don’t worry, I’m still here. Being on-call means getting calls at any hour, including right in the middle of working on the car. That means cleaning up early, driving to work, figuring out what’s going on and and by that time it’s 11 PM… 🙁 Next time my boss asks “car done yet?,” I can say “well it would be if it wasn’t for the weekend interruptions.”

Before the interruption, the last nasty panel was finished, the last panel of several having caused a huge mental drag for some reason. I mean, they really weren’t that difficult, just very time consuming. Anyhow, after it was welded and beaten back into shape, the assembly was put back in position and the driver’s seat installed. It was already known that it was probably going to interfere with the center metalwork, and it didn’t disappoint. The area was traced out and removed. Not shown is a section of aluminum pipe trimmed to fit the hole to form a recessed area to miss the seat’s shoulder bolster. While the seat could have been trimmed instead of the center cover, it seemed better to go this route since the seat is stressed a lot more with me sliding around in it than the center cover.

The last picture? Yeah well sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and think about what’s been done and what’s left to do, all with a bottle of Costco’s finest!