20 Aug 2016

It came out pretty nice and will look even better after the screen is added. Before that happens though I’d like to get the scoop done.

Oh, notice the drip pan? There’s an oil leak somewhere on the engine. When it’s running it doesn’t leak because the dry sump pump draws a vacuum in the block and keeps it from dripping. But oddly, there’s enough oil somewhere that for about 5 days after the car’s parked, it drips. Note that another feature of a dry sump system is that the oil lives in a remote tank, not in the pan, so that’s probably not the source.  Because I’m always distracted by other stuff I haven’t traced it to its source, but it seems to be about half way up the front cover. That kinda sucks because to get the front cover off is very invasive, bad enough that I’d probably leave it. I’m hoping I can clean it all off and check it ever few hours to find the source, then go from there.