20 Feb 2011

Finally broke up the mostly one-piece wire harness, adding two bulkhead connectors to it in the area of the fuel tank. Still need one more near the rear of the car so that the lights can be disconnected when removing the rear frame. Multipin military-type circular connectors are perfect for this but are both expensive and not easy to find. A few vendors do carry them, such asĀ Trigger-wheels.com. They also carry parts for custom EFI and ECU installations, including Megasquirt and Megajolt setups, so if you’re on the other side of the pond, near Sports-car Heaven (Britain) they can help you out.

Change of topic: I’m currently struggling through the “90%-done syndrome”, where most of the car seems finished yet there are lots of loose ends, making it so nothing can be crossed off the mental list as truly finished. The only way through these doldrums is to just keep at it; if a little is done every week the project has no choice but to get done. This malady shouldn’t have been a surprise since it happened when building Kimini, and seems to affect many Locost builders, too.