20 Jun 2010

The throttle cable’s mostly done, but I got distracted, wanting to see what the clutch felt like. So that was plumbed, the forward side of the cowl temporarily installed so the remote master cylinder could be mounted to it, then the system was filled. Cool, no leaks, I thought. Then I used the power-bleeder that’s been sitting around since Kimini, went back to the slave cylinder, and was venting the air out of the line when I heard, “Pop!” Crap… only I didn’t say crap, knowing what had just happened. The 10 psi I pumped it up to had lifted the reservoir right off its mount, spraying brake fluid all round the garage. The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to clean that stuff up, and it’s freaking messy. Between that, taking time off for Father’s Day, and being tired in the first place, not a whole lot got accomplished.