20 May 2009

Pedal mount is done; the tube layout is a little clunky but much simpler than Kimini and far more accessible. It’s took all day due to endless mock-it-up-and-sit-in-the-seat-and-check-how-it-feels-then-get-out-and-fiddle-with-it-then-get-back-in-and-check-it-again. Note the large open bay to the right which will be the storage area. The plan is to drop the floor some since no one needs two feet of vertical foot well. The goal is to allow storing a helmet and all the gear up front so it doesn’t have to be carried into every restaurant you walk into.

In other news the coated pistons finally arrived, thought there was brief panic as the invoice has someone else’s name on it(!) but everything turned out okay. Once the gasket set arrives (supposedly tomorrow) everything will be sent to the engine builder – expensive but exciting.

So what’s next… probably the diffuser tubes, though I still don’t know what I want the back of the car to look like. Well, I do know, and that’s a curved rear end that looks like a hot-rod. Trouble is I don’t have the tools to create curved panels in 3D to give a nice radius – sharp-edged corners look bad. There’s always the traditional Lotus Seven rear end which is pretty straight forward. Guess I better make up my mind soon.