21 Apr 2010

After much angst, mounted the ECU as shown. While I’d prefer it to be in the passenger compartment, there’s not much room and the harness is too short. It just seems to want to go where it is, behind the seats inside the engine compartment. It’s away from the exhaust but it’ll still get warm, though external air will be ducted to it. Running the harness out the bottom ensures rain water can’t run down the wires and get inside. There’ll be a rain cover anyway to keep rain from dripping in from the top. With it in this orientation, it makes it easy to get at the USB connector for tuning.

The fuel tray’s also done, pretty self explanatory: inlet filter, high-pressure pump, followed by a 10-micron filter, all low in the chassis to ensure positive fuel feed pressure. It also ensure that if there’s a leak, the fuel has a short way to drip, instead of running all over the place… Oh, and the taillights work, though there’s the small detail of fenders to mount them to…

Also trying to work through getting the Hondata ECU to talk to the Race Tech dash. Right now I’m stuck getting the Hondata configuration correct, but the appropriate questions have been posted to the appropriate forums 🙂