21 Aug 2011

Lots of odds and ends. Rerouted the turbo oil supply and return lines. Welded in mounting studs for hose clamps. Made an adaptor for the coolant overflow tank; its plastic outlet is larger than the inlet to my coolant header tank. Welded a V-band flange on the outlet of the muffler (and am still wondering why I did.) Punched a rough hole in the lower rear panel for the exhaust; it’ll have a trim ring. There’ll also be a swappable straight-through pipe to replace the muffler for certain track events.

Last picture, a baby lizard in our back yard, about 1″ long and they move quick! I’ve managed to feed them out of my hand by holding a small worm real still and when they see it, zip!

Speaking of worms, last week there was a baby bird sitting in the street so I moved him into a bush. Coming back from our walk I saw him again… in the street. No mother around but there were crows so I brough him home. He was making noises the whole way home and when we got there, we fed him a couple tiny worms and some water. He was chirping away and seemed content, and when we put a towel over his cage he quieted down and went to sleep. The next morning – dead. That sucks. You’re born, and get one day out of the nest and… “Nope, sorry, rides over, you’re done.” He may have been sick before I got to him because it isn’t normal that I should be able to pick him up, though he “seemed” okay. Some things just aren’t meant to be. That’s too bad; I was looking forward to letting him go and hearing him sing in our trees 🙁