21 Jan

Arrived Friday afternoon and set up immediately. After dinner, started the heater and played around with the new camera a bit. The dark picture of the track was taken with a 30-second exposure in total darkness other than the lights on the building – I couldn’t see the mountain at all. The shot of Orion was 20-seconds. Saturday morning was cold but fine with the good sleeping bag and heater. The pretty red cars are an Alfa 4C and an older Alfa GTV. I’ve always thought the old Alfa engines were works of art. Scott went out first in his very fast appliance and you can see how his tires wore well. In comparison, mine look like they aren’t being worked and/or never came up to temperature. My brakes look fine though, front and back working about the same. And then there’s the spin/off damage. I wasn’t kidding when I say I picked about 10 pounds of dirt out of the car – plus some stones jammed between the tires and wheels. I’m currently considering what to do about the damage, whether to leave some as-is or rework those areas with changes that were already on the back burner

Regarding why I spun off, my brother came up with a very compelling theory – that the rear suspension may be bottoming due to being overly soft. Early on he had a devil of a time getting his Stalker to corner before realizing that his was bottoming and causing an instant spin. He raised his car 1/2″ and the rest is history. I’ll take some measurements and run some numbers, but the car’s handling matches that theory, that it handles great – until it doesn’t, then the rear instantly goes around and can’t be caught. Its behavior does seem to fit the evidence, but we’ll see.