21 Jan 2009

Finished placing the front diagonals (in CAD.) The trick was to have them double as both chassis stiffeners and panel mounts. I had marginal cooling on Kimini and am designing in a kick-butt solution: open entry into the radiator, minimal tube obstructions, puller fan (allegedly 20% more efficient that a pusher), a splitter to guide exiting air into low pressure areas between the body and front wheels, and a double-pass radiator. That should fix it!

There may also be a panel across the forward end of the footwell to block whatever hot air gets through the splitter. If that’s done it gives an opportunity to install some sort of energy-absorbing material into the otherwise unusable triangular area. Not sure what to put there; I had the idea of a vent between the radiator outlet duct and the footwell – cheap heater? Or maybe some real high density foam that doesn’t weigh anything? Beer can crush space? Have any ideas?