21 Jun 2009

Today is my traditional garage day, but between Fathers Day (dropping off Cooper’s left-over food and treats,) and thinking about Cooper I’m sort of… what, listless, my thoughts adrift. I’m working on the cowl and cowl frame in CAD but my mind keeps wondering. It’s been six days and I haven’t yet made it through an entire day without tearing up at least once. (Fortunately no one at work has walked in during one of my “episodes.”) I’m doing okay today… but than again, today’s not over yet. (Nope, didn’t make it today either…)

I had forgotten about the Cooper video I had posted on the Kimini site. This was recorded one year to the day after his big operation, after he had learned how to walk again, making it five years ago now. When I played it this week I expected it to make me really sad, but it had a surprising impact instead. I saw a very happy and active dog having the time of his life, and how much it contrasted with how he had become in the last few months. Now, with this sudden five years of hindsight, I think he was in some pain, but Terriers don’t show it. (When the vet gave him shots he didn’t yelp, cry, jump, or even look around.) Toward the end he didn’t want to lay down, and once he did he didn’t want to get up, but he never complained.

Rant: Technically, Cooper is… was, an American Staffordshire Terrier, though many people thought he was a Pit Bull (the breeds are related.) Yet I’ve never known a more friendly happy dog who never bit a dog or person, just watch the video and decide for yourself; never was there a dog happier to say hello and play with another dog. Interestingly, a recent Sports Illustrated magazine had an article on what happened to all the dogs involved in the Michael Vick mess (Pit Bull fighting.) The article was notable for the tone running through it, that SI appeared to feel somewhat responsible for perpetuating at least some of the media hype regarding this breed. That’s because back in the late 1980’s, SI ran a somewhat alarmist article about Pit Bulls that fed the fire of panic about the breed. I’ve been around lots of dogs and been bitten exactly twice, by little yappy dogs. And before anyone says, “well, they don’t rip your arm off,” that’s not the point. I’ve never seen an unfriendly Pit Bull and feel the media are nothing but sensationalistic story chasers who use creative license to embellish stories, publishing only select stories to further their agenda. With our TV having been disconnected eight years now I don’t miss all the sensationalized “news.” Yes, I know there are dangerous – trained – dogs out there, but to me that says a lot more about the owners than the breed. Of course it’s alot easier to put dogs to sleep than people. Anyhow, we might get a similar breed next time, and maybe not, but it won’t be due to their damaged reputation.