22 Feb

The new ECU is here – a whole new world! Temporary wiring was added so that it can be powered up on the bench in order to learn it before it goes into the car, since it has to be powered up (ignition on) to do much of anything. There’s also time needed to upgrade the MAP and O2 sensors along with their wiring, along with relocating the manifold vacuum block off the KPro ECU. The idea is to get the ECU configured before it ever sees the car, then swap out the appropriate sensors right before integrating everything. That way the car can be driven right up until then (though even now it always comes down to: do I drive the car today or work on the next upgrade?). Once the switch happens, the plan (hah) is to get it idling decent so that everything can be checked out and the car driven onto the trailer for tuning. I don’t want to arrive there, find something wrong, then get turned away. When this happens will happen depends somewhat on the next track event, which depends on when we’re ready, equipment-wise, money-wise, and mental-wise.