22 Jan 2012

Slight change of plans. While drilling holes in the windscreen makes mounting it straightforward, doing so isn’t preferred. I want construction to be simple and drilling the glass may not be easy for builders to do or have done. Also, just having screws holding it in without anything else would look a bit unfinished, so a trim strip will fabricated and serve double-duty to keep the glass in-place. Nothing more could happen today after that decision was made since the aluminum has to be ordered.

So the passenger-side seat belt mounts were addressed. Using bolts as on the driver-side wouldn’t work here because the seat sits lower and there’s no wrench access to the backside of the cross tube. Threaded inserts will be made so the bolts will screw straight into them – more material to order.

The inboard shoulder belt mount presented another challenge, that a drill can’t be maneuvered into position, other than a small pilot hole. The roll hoop diagonal blocks access from both above and below, so it’s going to take a bit of digging, probably with a die grinder.

The last picture deserves a bit of explanation. In order to drill out the bushing holes to 0.625″, smaller drills were used to get a start, and a Unibit created the rear-side holes no problem. Unfortunately, the diagonal in the forward passenger footwell meant that the handheld drill couldn’t be run in from that side, so a drill bit was used from the rear to reach through to the forward surface. As you may know, a 0.625″ drill bit is pretty big, and in that confined space, I had to sit right over the top of it… right over the top of the drill. So when the drill grabbed, even though it was expected, it still presented me with a strong wake-up call – thump! – to the “boys.” Yes, much colorful language ensued…

And lastly, it’s fascinating where all you web visitors are coming from – I had no idea. 31 countries and counting! In fact, there’s one red dot showing up south of Ghana or Ivory Coast, in the ocean. Perhaps it’s a cruise ship because Google Earth shows no islands in that area, unless it’s a bit inaccurate and it’s actually Sao Tome. Very interesting!