22 May

Made good progress on the new website; one of the sticking point was providing easy visibility into the old diaries and it’s more or less squared away. There’ll be four search methods: post by post, by year and month, a Midlana-centric Google search bar, and categories and tags. It all works but I need to format the categories and tags better, then start back-filling the old diaries. When I’m in the middle of something that’s going well I tend to keep going even at the expense of other projects, but car progress was still made. By the way, one thing very noticeable is how much clearer and sharper the images are. Even though they’re the same root images, the web software apparently handles them different and they look way better.

Sunday was spent deciding where the dry sump tank, Spintric air/oil-separator, the relocated ethanol sensor, and the new fuel filter will go. Both the Spintric and ethanol sensor are now mounted in their final positions. The dry sump tank’s position is set; it just needs the mounts, and the fuel filter’s position is loosely decided.

On the engine front, Drag Cartel is making fast progress now that they have all the machined and cleaned parts in-house. It may be here as early as the first week in June so I need to keep working on the ancillary projects. The intercooler mount will probably wait until the new engine’s in place, unless I get everything else done first.