22 May 2009

Added the four tubes that finish up the rear suspension and the last main structural tube behind the engine.

Cleaned off the table and before welding started I thought you’d like a “big picture” perspective – I’m 6′. I don’t currently have the chassis scales so can’t weigh it but I’m guessing it’s about 170 lbs or so… we’ll see. My brother points out that I claim this will weigh 300 lbs less than Kimini, but he can’t see where all that weight’s going to come from (Kimini weighed 1600 lbs.) Good point, since Mini doors, Lexan windows, and a carbon fiber roof don’t weigh much, and worse, I’m using heavier wheels and tires and a larger fuel tank. Eh, it is what it is.

Some details are being put off such as the air inlets and diffuser. There may be a couple more tubes behind the engine but they’ll wait until the engine is back in place. I’ve also been putting off how I want the rear end to look. What I would “like” is a curved “trunk” look of a 30’s hot rod. Trouble is, a nasty panel that is curved in two dimensions is needed, which I simply don’t have the ability to do. Short of that is the traditional “Seven” look, with a single curved panel wrapping round the tail. Eh, I don’t know, we’ll see. The rear styling treatment has been a hotly-debated issue on the forum, but of course everyone ignores how hard it is to actually fabricate the various ideas…

It occurred to me that that the chassis table has served its purpose and is not needed much longer. Trouble is, I don’t have storage space for the stuff under the table – that is the storage space. Once all the engine parts are sent off that’ll free up some space, plus selling off parts I don’t need (Honda shifter and cylinder head) will free up more room. Getting rid of the table means whatever metal shavings I produce while adding the remaining bits will drop down into all the boxes… Eh, we’ll see. There’s still a million brackets to fab and install, plus the scuttle, and panels, and electrical, and engine, and….