22 Sep 2016

The 2009 archive has been added – I’m slowly working my way back.

In other news, when a company does something I consider uncool*, my inner child can’t help but poke at them for payback. Their recent announcement of a product that displays CAN bus data provided just such a chance. The idea was good but they used 7-segment LEDs (remember those?) to crudely display alphanumeric values. That’s what us electronics hobbyists used back in the 1970s before there was anything better, so I posted on their forum, “I feel like I’ve gone back in time 40 years seeing that display.” I must have hit a nerve because they deleted my post.

On the composite front I have the epoxy, mixing containers and fiberglass cloth, but also ordered some carbon, so in preparation of that arriving, the mold plug was sanded and the first layer of release wax applied. Apparently it’s kind of a big deal because right on the can they strongly recommend something like 5 coats. Good thing I checked because there’s at least an hour for each layer to dry.

*I took offense because after telling the manufacturer that my car is 100% road legal, they thought I was lying and don’t want their name used. If you care you can figure it out by searching.