24 Nov 2016

I’m still here!

Midlana-related, I’ll finish the composite sanding within the next few weeks then deliver it to the paint shop.

Yard-related, the pond/garden project is in full swing, meaning much shoveling is happening, in parallel with building a new filter, starting with the particulate filter. Unlike how I usually do things – researching a subject to death then going my own way – I came across a filter design that I felt I couldn’t improve on, so I’m following that builder’s lead. It’s called a rotating drum filter: dirty water flows into a horizontal drum then through screens in the walls. When the screen clogs up, the output water level drops and a float switch turns on a sprayer and rotates the drum. The waste is drained off through its own separate pipe and the nice thing about the design is that it’s completely hands-off, other than checking it once in a while to ensure nothing’s broken.

When the float switch trips, the sprayer and drum need to run for maybe 10 seconds. How to do that caused other builders a lot of grief but a 12V timer module with a built-in 10-amp switch solves that. It’s got a bunch of different modes which could be applicable to car projects as well, like – as its name implies – a third brake light flasher, or a methanol pump timer, or maybe a self-cancelling turn signal. I used this 10-amp timer module from 3rdbrakeflasher (they also sell a third brake light blinker with a G-force sensor, pretty smart).

Though not car-related, it’s funny how much car-building stuff is getting used. Clecos were used to hold the template for the drum holes, hole saw for the 380(!) holes, then there’s the gear motor, chain, electronics, and all sorts of mechanical goodies – my wife was very crafty in luring me into this project. That said, I’m torn on how much of the pond project to put here. People come here to read about the car, so there’s mixed feelings on how far out into the weeds to go.

In other news, just watched the first episode of “Grand Tour”, the replacement for “Top Gear” with the original hosts, now hosted by Amazon. The first five minutes… just… wow. I though it must have cost them millions and I was right. Sadly I knew nothing about it when they filmed the intro – I would have loved to have had Midlana there, but so it goes. (Search YouTube for “Grand Tour” as it’s already there.)