27 Dec

Santa brought something I’ve wanted for decades, a proper DSLR camera, a Nikon D750. I’ve played with it some and already wish I had it 10 years ago – it makes me want to become a better photographer. Hopefully this means better pictures and videos for you as well!

My brother said there’s a Fontana event on the same weekend as the Willow Springs event. I’m torn; I’d like to do the Willow Springs event simply because I haven’t really run the car there yet. The catch is that we’ve been having really cold weather (I found sheets of ice in our yard this morning) and overnight temperatures at WS have been in the mid-20s (last night got down to 19 F). There’s how I’d cope with it (read: how to get a good night’s sleep because we’d camp there) and then there’s how the car would cope, given that antifreeze isn’t permitted. Fontana is about half as far away and I could run one day and avoid an overnight stay. We’ll see; it’s not helping that I’m coming down with something, but since the events are three weeks off, that shouldn’t be an issue.