27 Jul 2016

Swapped out wastegate springs for what should have been about 12-13 lbs and it just laughed as it shot past that. Don’t have anyone to blame but myself so now I get to fix it. I know what’s causing it, the near right-angle wastegate take-off angle, but it’s near impossible to do anything better with this compact header layout. I know it can work, it did on the last design, but on that layout, exhaust gases had more of an even split about which path to take. As it is now, exhaust shoots down the primaries straight into the turbine with maybe just a glance off to the side, “what was that?” as it flies by the 90-deg junction.

The hope is that the second unit makes the boost manageable and the parts are already on order. Such is the consequence of endlessly changing things. The plan is to put the brakes on such activities and spend more time driving the car.