28 Mar 2010

Leak-checked the fuel tank, where the number of leaks shall not be mention! Welded in the upper tank mounts, which reminds me of something someone asked; the upper mounts do not rigidly attach to the tank. They simply hold it down in the support tray. The chassis tubes already do a good job at containing it. Finished up the tray, installed the right hardware, sat the tank on it, and there we go. With the tank in-place it means work on electrical and paneling can push forward.

In other news, I tried ordering tires, but my local – and preferred – tire guy says they’re back-ordered. Eh, no problem, they can wait a while. It won’t be until the electrical’s done that I’ll get itchy for them.

The transaxle’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, though it needs a slight modification. When they did the work, I requested that while they were in there to go ahead and install a lower ratio TSX 6th gear. Somewhere along the line the message got confused; what I sent was a 5-sp, what I’m getting back is a 6-sp! It’s not a big deal but it’s a reminder about how important communications is and how easy things get confused if not spelled out… It’s at least as much my fault as theirs.