28 Oct 2012

After a long weekend, the proud owner relaxes, with Midlana finally sitting on her wheels. With bumpsteer dealt with, next is making a jig to simplify setting toe; something I always meant to make for Kimini but never got round to. After that there’s corner-weighing the car, then double-checking everything. Alignment is at least twice the work as on a Locost due to having IRS instead of a straight axle. Once the suspension is really done, it allows moving ahead on other issues with a clear mind knowing it’s a closed issue. The pile of things to do is still large but a lot smaller than it was.

Oh… one of the rear hubs appears to be slightly loose. Even after the big axle nut and wheel lugs were tight, the wheel could be rocked slightly – it’s not the upright itself, it appears to be the bearings. Of course, the rear axle nuts probably only have about 40 ft-lbs on them, and they’re supposed to be tightened to an un-godly 181 ft-lbs, so maybe that’ll tighten things up… need to find that spec to confirm.