28 Sep 2010

I seem to have been banned from one of my favorite car websites… well, “banned” is too strong a word since as far as the admins can tell, I haven’t been yet I can no longer access it. This is from two different PCs on two unrelated ISPs. First one PC couldn’t due to the site not recognising my password. Asking the forum site to send it to me, it said it didn’t recognise my user name… huh? Meanwhile, the other computer continued to access the site just fine, with the user name the other one said was no good. Then a couple days later, the second PC starting having the same problem. Before that happened I asked the mods what was going on and no one knew. I tried clearing cookies, which meant signing back into every forum I’m on. In every case—except one—that was uneventful. The one failure was the above site. I even tried signing in as a new user, and oddly it let me register using my old user name – which should have been impossible. Anyway, the last step to registering is that the forum then sends an automated e-mail that has to be responded to in order to make it official. Surprise, never recieved it. Went back and requested the registration e-mail again, and again, nothing, and no it wasn’t in the spam folder. Sent an e-mail to the mods, again asking what’s going on, and nothing. I don’t get it.