3 Aug 2009

I’m beat, it’s hot and time for a beer, but all the suspension brackets are done.

Not sure what to work on next. There’s the steering, to finalize steering wheel placement. This so the center tunnel can be finalized in order to tackle the real task: the shifter. I’ve decided to go custom because the OEM assembly is huge (and ugly).

Or, there’s always the suspension arms. However, I’m tired of dealing with brackets for the moment, and the suspension arms – and fixtures – are a whole project in themselves.

‘Course something fun would be the turbo exhaust manifold; doing the header on Kimini was a lot of fun. That’s the beauty of building a car; get sick of something and there’s always something else to do.

Then there’s electrical. Everything is here but as I haven’t drawn up schematics yet that’ll have to wait. So many choices…