3 Jul 2011

Fabricated the radiator splitter. The whole deal’s not done yet as there’ll be another panel left and right of it that are installed from the sides. This way, the inner section can be lifted out separately for easy access to the shocks without having to remove both coolant lines and the steering shaft, or the paneling at the bottom of the footwell, which can be tough to reach in any small sports car.

Today was the last “work day” on the car; tomorrow is clean-up, both for the garage and the house, having been through a week-long batchelor-lifestyle. Then it’s off to pick up the wife, then back to the regular work week. Actually, working in an air-conditioned office sounds okay right now.

In the last picture, Midi is finally comfortable enough to take a nap in the garage, though I think the cool concrete floor overrode his discomfort with the loud noises of fabrication. I make sure the floor’s clean and that he stays outside when welding’s going on. The big I-beam at left is the “sheet metal brake” on which all paneling is bent.