3 Nov 2012

A buddy wants to borrow the corner scales so I took the opportunity to loosely place the rest of the major components and weigh the car. The floor was very uneven (so corner weights are meaningless) but it showed both the approximate total weight and front-to-rear weight split (which is unaffected by corner weight adjustment.) The first picture is the empty weight, 1388 lbs, and the second includes me, resulting in a F/R weight distribution of 34% front and 66% rear. The fuel tank is empty but since it’s at the CG it won’t alter the front/rear percentage. The coolant system is also dry and once filled will shift the CG forward slightly. While not the real deal as far as a final weighing goes, it’s still informative. There’s probably another 50 lbs or so of paneling, seat covers, and the battery I forgot so it’ll be around 1450 lbs or so when complete. That’s okay.