3 Oct

Well it’s back, the MAP-drop anomaly, which was noticed soon after updating the ECU firmware. I’ve done a lot of runs, logged more variables, but it’s still a mystery and worse than ever. Now it happens nearly every time at a lower rpm, around 5500-6000. The only good thing is that it lowers the speed I have to be going to invoke it (so instead going to jail for a year, it’ll just be a ticket…) Actually, I’m fed up with it so the car’s going back to the dyno next Friday. With it happening now so easily and repeatedly, it should be easy to replicate. The problem will be, once it is replicated… “now what?” I’m just too close to the problem and need a second (and third) set of eyes on the problem. It was fun as a science experiment, until it wasn’t, and now it’s annoying.

I know what you’re thinking, “why not just go back to the previous version of firmware?” Well I could, but since no one else has this same problem, it seems unlikely that it’s root cause. I suspect there’s something specific with my engine that’s causing it. Also, I rather keep the ECU upgrade because they made a lot of improvements; I don’t want to give them up because some are fairly important. Also, because the ECU is fairly new, there’ll be a lot more updates, and I don’t want to be left with an old version because of this. May as well hit this thing face-on and figure it out now.