30 Jul 2009

First day of my working vacation’s not off to a good start. Spent all morning getting the engine connected to the tranny, bolts, starter, blah, blah, blah. While working on it I realized that since the head I’m using isn’t the head that everyone commonly uses in these swaps, the modifications I made to the intake manifold render it unusable! So that’ll have to get sold or swapped for another manifold.. grrrr.

After the drivetrain was ready to go, hooked it up to the engine hoist, and realized the drivetrain can’t be lifted high enough to clear the rear chassis cross tube. That’s nice, so now the drivetrain will take up valuable garage floor space until the chassis is more complete. Actually, I can still make it work… slide the chassis forward, set the drivetrain on the table, then lift the chassis up and set it down over the drivetrain. I’ll need help to do that though.

So right now I”m not happy about the lack of progress. At least the wire harness, switches, and electrical troubleshooting manual showed up.