30 Mar 2008

The molds were sold this weekend; the new owners will be building a couple of track cars for themselves and selling shells. They’ll be providing me with an e-mail address for anyone who’s interested. With the molds gone it frees up space, both in the backyard and in the rafters, which is already filled with Midlana’s fenders and nosecone and whatever other stuff will fit.

Rear suspension design is progressing and it looks like A-arms will fit with pushrod suspension. That won’t be for certain until everything is mocked-up on the table.

Using a detailed spreadsheet the current weight estimate is around 1500lbs. I’m trying hard to be honest and objective with all component weights but it’s hard to not miss something. On-hand parts have been weighed so they’re known quantities, except for the engine. That’ll have to wait until the table is built and I borrow my brother’s engine hoist and scales. For now I’m assuming 450lbs, same as the H22A1 in Kimini. Midlana’s engine, an Acura K24A2, will have an aluminum flywheel added which will save weight, though the turbo will add it right back on again.

The spreadsheet also calculates weight distribution, 64% rear. I’d prefer 60% but if that’s what it ends up being, oh well. Currently, the fuel tank is placed laterally behind the seats – it’s dead space otherwise. It puts the tank right at the CG and keeps PMOI low, all good things. I think I’m going to make my own tank this time instead of using a fuelcell, mostly for cost reasons. Because the tank will be confined behind a bulkhead, and protected laterally by the engine and wheels, I’m taking the calculated risk that fuel won’t end up in the cockpit. That’s my choice, though builders will have a choice of either making their own or buying a ready-made fuelcell.