31 Jan 2010

Where did January go? A lot more got done on vacation… not that I’m complaining.

The good news is that one push-rod setup is done. Turns out that the next shorter shock size could have been used. As it is, the setup has more droop than it needs, meaning the springs will rattle loose under full extension. Not really worth the money to correct at this point. The plans will use shorter shocks unless the extra travel’s needed for softer springs… doubtful.

Again checked the wheel motion versus shock motion and it’s still as close to 1:1 as can be measured. Right now most of the bolts are either the wrong length, aren’t AN bolts, and don’t have bushings holding the rod ends in the brackets. Needless to say,¬†they rattles a bit.

Updating the drawings goes on; parts are changing faster than the drawing modifications are happening – the consequences of the first article. It only hurts once; after it’s in the computer and in the book, then I’ll relax a little. That’s not too hard with a dog who, exactly like a 5-yr old kid, comes in every five minutes wanting to play. We both get in trouble running around the house…