4 Jul 2010

As said before, the worst hit to motivation is having to do something over. It’s also a great reminder how important it is to have everything in-place before routing cables. Case in point, the shifter cables. If you’ve been keeping up on the diaries, you know the shifter has been done for about a year. However, only recently was the fuel tank installed and the cables run again. Surprise, the tank and fuel level sensor make the cables take a more circuitous path, necessitating tighter bends – too tight. After staring at it for a while it was decided it had to be fixed, altering the mount at the transmission end to alleviate the stressed cables, so that was done.

Moved about half an inch, it greatly reduced the stress, but now makes the cables too long. One of two things has to happen: alter the bracket again to space the threaded collars away from the transmission (reintroducing the tight bend radius,) or buy shorter cables (the existing cables can’t be modified.) Sigh…

In other news, took the kids to the fair. One vendor I’d heard about but never seen was this one, selling two outrageous produces: Deep-fried-Butter, and Chocolate-Covered Bacon – yes, you read that right. Sure enough, there they were, enthusiastically thumbing their nose at cardiac arrest. It’s pretty funny – in a rather fatalistic human sort of way – and I wasn’t the only one taking pictures of their booth. Only in America… or maybe not. I think the sense of “We aren’t getting out of here alive, may as well enjoy ourselves” is probably prevalent all over, just maybe not to this degree… (How do you fry butter anyway? Seems like the same as dropping ice cubes into boiling water. They must roll it in a batter first… probably salt and sugar…)