7 Sep 2009

A busy couple of days spent working on the shifter. It’s just short of done; just ordered a couple rod-ends for the transmission end. Learned some good tips which are going into the shifter chapter before I forget.

Midi is a real character. He seems to be part snake, bending into really crazy shapes. One thing he does all the time is sit at our feet facing away from us, then looks at us upside down, I’m only scratching his neck. His flexibility is really demonstrated here with him asleep – I’ve never seen a dog do that. Then there’s the standing on his hind legs, looking up into the fruit trees for rats. Haven’t managed a picture yet but he’ll do it for as long as five seconds. And finally, today I heard a great commotion outside and caught him running through what used to be a nice neat pile of leaves. Round and round he was going, a crazy dog have a great time. I guess I should have yelled at him but he was having so much fun I just took a picture. Just like a child.