5 Apr 2009

Apparently the springtime malaze isn’t over yet; another weekend passed with no garage activity other than returning the hoist. The good news is that I’m not goofing off; the manuscript is almost completely in Latex (like I said last week…) a time-intensive yet necessary task in order to move forward. While Latex is much more clunky, once pictures and figures are in place, the little bastards stay put unlike with Word, but there I go again. What’s interesting about working on a document in LaTex is how much it’s like like working with raw HTML, which is how I update this site. Maybe the two are distantly-related.

I imagine some readers are thinking, “What’s the point of working on the book without a finished car?” Well if the opposite were true: the car done without the book, that’s no better. With all effort focusing on the car it means important topics, tips, and even what pictures and figures go into the book get forgotten. Creating both book and car in parallel is the best way to keep the book in sync – and accurate. It helps to keep the proper mindset necessary to build the thing. Anyhow, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it… well, okay, the book and the garage mess.