5 Dec 2017

We’re having some of our “Santa Ana” winds that come up this time of year. I did a trial drive today and it was too bad I wasn’t recording – those of you far from the American South West would get a kick out of me having to avoid tumbleweeds blowing across the road, yes, just like in the movies. Anyway, the further east I headed the stronger the winds got. The winds are a funny thing, where west of the mountains and depending upon altitude, there’s nothing at all. But head up into east/west-running passes and it can be 30-50 mph just a few miles away. When driving, it’s more about the blowing sand than the wind itself, both for it getting into the engine and my eyes. As California deals with every year, the winds create the ever-present fire hazard as those north of us are dealing with right now. Anyway, if the drive falls through, maybe I’ll spend time in the garage refining the idle control a bit more.