5 Mar 2009

Added up what a good set of pointer-style gauges cost, including the same Spa Techniques tach/speedo I had in Kimini. The shock was that it’s the same as the flat dash I’d been considering which does a lot more: data logging, alarms, speedo, odometer, even turn signals, an “Alt” light and even a high-beam light. So, when the US$/British Pound exchange rate improved to where I could no longer resist and ordered the Race Technology¬†Dash2 flat dash and datalogger. It claims it does everything but the dishes; I just hope it proves reliable.

Received the ARP studs for the engine build, and as the Brits say, various bits and bobs: clutch slave cylinder, flywheel bolts, engine bolts, and a small diameter clutch master cylinder. I got talked into using a twin-disc clutch, which should be great for reliability but I hear they’re a light switch, either they grab or they don’t. That’s not great for the street so I’m hoping that between the pedal ratio and cylinder ratio that there’ll be enough control to modulate it. We’ll see.

Because the rear suspension pickup points were moved, the numbers will be run again to make sure the geometry is still okay. Worst case the brackets will change slightly; not a big deal but it’s good to know what they’ll be before construction gets to that point.