5 May

Yup, the inner workings of websites and host management is just as much fun as I remember – nothing ever “just works.” The suspicion was that building up the site locally (hosting it on my own PC) would be pretty straightforward – and it is. The suspicion was also that migrating it onto my host’s server would be a pain – and it was. With 10’s of millions of WordPress sites, it’s amazing how the host’s reaction was essentially a shrug, saying it’s not their software. Nice try, since virtually none of the database management software they use was created by them. I pointed out that I had just installed WordPress – which they provide – onto their own server and once installed, nothing could be updated. Again, “we know nothing about those plug-ins, try contacting the creators.” I pointed out that every single plug-in failed to work and in fact WordPress itself requested an update, which also failed. I suggested that – just maybe – the problem was at their end… not mentioning that my local installation worked just fine. Finally, “well we can try migrating you to a server which has a more recent version of xxx.” Given no other choice, that sounded like a great idea… Waiting now to see if that fixes things.

That’s the dilemma of working on the car and maintaining the site; both need to be done but only one can be worked on at a time. It’s frustrating when hours go by with nothing to show for it. On the car side of things, the 4″-diameter tubing arrived, the welding tanks are filled, so there should be some actual progress this weekend!