6 Aug 2016

Big snap ring – 1, snap ring pliers – 0.

The wastegates showed up ahead of schedule… cool, so most of the work can happen this weekend. The flex couplers should arrive mid-week.

Bored the holes in the collector for the new wastegates, then noticed that one of the thermocouple compression caps was missing (at lower-right). Wasted about 20 minutes looking all over the garage but have to admit it’s so messy I may never find it. Another cap was ordered along with four sealed caps for when the thermocouples aren’t used. They’ll be here mid-week so between them and the flex couplers, the car will be down for a bit longer.

Last week another merge collector was ordered but by the next morning, realized it was needless work and expense. Canceled the order before it shipped, then yesterday got an email saying it was on the way, sigh. They said to refuse the delivery and they’ll take care of it when it gets returned. Going to have to babysit this since it’s all too easy for them to forget – a second time – about the order and keep the money.

The goal of having a reliable car is worthy, but sometimes it feels lit too much fussing with the car and not enough driving! Coming up on six months 🙁

As an aside, ran across this excellent motorsports wiring website that’s incredibly detailed. I work in aerospace and the quality of what they show is right up there. Way down at the bottom of the article are some notes on cost, about how doing a really good job on a race car or truck can cost well into 5-digits. Yes it does.