6 Dec 2008

The final chassis is taking shape, right side. It’s accurate as opposed to the “pretty good” original, at left, ensuring the final drawings are right – and the chassis symmetrical. The bottom tubes and bent tubes each have a dimensioned drawing which is why tubing is being purchased. The drawings will be kept ahead of fabrication to make sure each tube has a drawing to keep the chassis honest. This way when the chassis is done there is no doubt that it’s a faithful copy and nothing will have to be remeasured, edited, or rebuilt. Of course, only after the first trackday event will it be known whether the chassis needs any final tweaks. I’m trying hard to do all the work up front so that it “just works.” Kimini was pretty good right out of the box so we’ll see if it can be done again.

A lot of progress is expected over the next four weeks 🙂

Speaking of Kimini, at the last second the buyer asked that a color copy of the Kimini book and spare windshields be included. Since he’d already paid for the car I wasn’t concerned. However, after a couple months and a few polite reminders, well, so be it. Someday he’s going to need to know something about the car and I’ll be happy to explain, right after he pays the bill.