6 Jan 2013

All the remaining parts to be powdercoated were delivered to the shop mid-week and they finished the green pieces Friday; the black bits will be done early this week. However, the Big News is that all exterior panels have been prepped and delivered to the paint shop, so now the waiting begins.

In the meantime most of the remaining green bits were installed, the radiator “gills”, steering tie-rods, and the front storage tray. (Due to the lighting, the green parts look rather pale; they look much better in the sun.) Work then stated on fitting the interior panels and seatbelts. The only catch is that the fuel level sensor is behind the panels and hasn’t been scaled yet. I didn’t set “zero” before filling the tank so the sensor needs to be lifted out for that, then either filling the tank fully, or put the sensor in a column of fuel of equivalent height to mimic 100% If I did the math right it holds 14 gallons.

Completion of Midlana is drawing near!