6 May 2012

Being on-call today cut into progress somewhat, but drilled the dash panel and surround for riv-nuts. That’s the last of those, but the chassis needs to be gone over and all the 1/8″ pilot holes drilled out for riv-nut rivets. I rather drill them now instead of waiting until after the chassis is painted and drilling through the paint.

Last entry I mentioned possibly anodizing the panels instead of painting them (cheaper, lighter.) Unfortunately, fading due to UV exposure is a real problem and the black-anodized wheel centers on Kimini faded to purple/brown simply from exposure to fluorescent lighting. A possible compromise is clear anodizing which I hadn’t given much thought to, though reflections could be a bother. I don’t know… I change my mind about every week. As far as paint colors go I’ve recently been drawn to a light forest green, or maybe the metallic burnt-orange that’s showing up on new cars. Guess I should make up my mind.

The first picture is the two bird nests, the old one from last year’s in the background. I need to read up and see if hummingbirds return to the same nest each year. The second picture shows the little guys at five days old; I don’t know how they’re going to fit for long – it’s a really small nest.