6 Oct 2016

So me and my dog-buddy Midi, our 60-lb Pit/Lab, were on our regular walk. For the first time ever it went slightly wrong because on the way back, an 80-lb dog ran across the street and immediately started a fight so I let go of the leash (I was bit the last time I got in the middle). In general, dog fights don’t last long though it sure feels like it, ending as soon as both understand the pecking order. What was odd was how they then just stood there next to each other contemplating the outcome. The dog took off down the street so expecting the worst I checked over Midi but he was fine and surprisingly calm, like nothing had happened at all.  The owner walked out to see what was going on and was very embarrassed to find that his dog got out by accident. It all turned out fine, all things considered.

The epoxy showed up so there’s nothing stopping good progress this weekend, assuming our current earthquake swarm out here at the south end of the San Andreas Fault isn’t a precursor to anything larger…

Finally added a Contact page to the main page of this site.