7 Aug 2011

Good progress. The airbox is coming along nicely and the pictures pretty much show the process. There’s replacing the 90-deg steel inlet bend with aluminum, adding support struts, and making a proper for the filter element to keep rain out of it. The last picture is preparation for cutting the side air inlet. Not sure whether to try and form the entire intake plenum from the side sheet itself or make it a separate assembly. Either way it’ll be covered with mesh. Doing it this way keeps the option open of later adding the big flared-in fenders discussed a year or so ago.

The more I work with aluminum the better I like it. Someone once suggested that I should make the next car (if there is one) panels solely from aluminum – no composite. Yeah I could see doing that. A few more tools are needed for that though, the proper hammers, shot bag, English wheel and maybe a planishing hammer. Meh, that’s all a ways off.