7 Mar 2009

The good news is that the framework under the rear suspension is being changed to make it simpler, lighter, and easier to build. Unfortunately it means redoing a bunch of drawings, the manuscript, and, since tubes are already in place, the chassis has to be modified as well. It’s worth the effort however; no point saddling builders with something that’s clunky because I was too lazy to fix it. Granted, I could have left my car alone and simply made the changes in the plans, but it would always bother me the car wasn’t per the plans, so it’s being changed.

Today was spent updating the associated CAD drawings. “Real” CAD sw updates all drawings in a hierarchical manner, where one drawing can be changed and however many other drawings linked to it automatically incorporate the change – no so with SketchUp. Soooo it’s a long laborious process to chase a change through all the drawings. Then, all the affected drawing have to be exported as .tiffs into the manuscript to replace the old drawings. It’s not hard, just very detailed and time-consuming.