8 August 2019

My old lathe moved to its new home yesterday; I hope it serves the new owner as well as it has me. What offsets the slight sadness at seeing it go is getting a superior replacement for “free” (the buying and selling prices being essentially the same). Of course, the budget got blown by upgrading the chuck and tool post, as both were beat. This was a lesson about paying for a machine with the coveted “extras” we’re told to get, only to then pay a second time to replace them. The chuck will go to a buddy who’ll use it as part of a rotary table, and the tool post was given away with the old lathe. I feel fortunate to own a well-made lathe and realize that if it’s treated well, it’ll likely outlive me, hmm.

So now what. With the mill and lathe issues dealt with, attention turns towards preparing Midlana for the hillclimb, which is creeping up on us six weeks from now.