9 Jan 2009

Fabricated the major front tubes. It always amazes me the extent and force of simple tack welds. The far end of the top cross tube pulled upward about 1/2″ when tacked at the other end. It wasn’t a problem and was forced back into place but I imagine the total force in a finished chassis must be massive.

For the two longitudinal tubes a simple jig was created by cutting notches in a masonite sheet, saving the trouble of wondering where the front end of the tube are supposed to go. These two tubes are square because the sides of the “engine” cover sit on the top, and a panel is riveted in to form the floor of the storage area. There are more tubes to add but these form the framework and will make the rest of them go pretty fast.

After the tubes were tacked, the nose was test-fit for the first time. The natural width of it at the back corners is about 26″ but the design requires 28″. However it’s flexible enough to accommodate the increase, and could go a bit further but I don’t want to press my luck. The reason for the 28″ is because the mid-engine layout moves the passenger compartment
forward causing the front tubes to have slightly more taper than a
standard Locost.

Oh, and I got a note from a reader who wasn’t real happy about the huge pictures, which greatly slows down his page downloads. I guess I get lazy and spoiled here in SoCal where everything’s on cable modem. If you’re on dial-up, let me know so I can get a sense of whether it’s worth the time to create thumb size pictures. It does take time to do it which is why I’ve stopped, giving more time to work on the car and book.