9 Mar 2009

Yesterday started by removing the tubing mentioned earlier; it’s impressive how strong tack-welds are. There was a YouTube video (since removed) of a Locost builder who wasn’t concerned about his tack-welded front suspension and went for a drive. He did a bunch of donuts in a parking lot no problem but on┬áthe way home under braking, the suspension brackets broke off. Not good, but still impressive that they lasted as long as they did.

Anyway, with the main cross tube removed the new suspension base was welded on, along with short legs used to extend the bottom tubes back further. Of course it heat-warped terribly, so it was dealt with appropriately, using the truck to hold down one end and jumping on the lever arm on the other end. This reminds me what my boss once said, loudly, to a computer when he was dealing with some troublesome software, “I will beat you, bitch!” It worked.

The last two pictures show the upper suspension cross tubes mocked up. The right-side tube appears to be very close to the blue oil filter but there is plenty of room to remove it. The addition of the two large OD thin-wall tubes on the sides solve the previously nasty issue of how to support the bottom panel. Previously, the A-arms, axle, and shock, plus their arcs, completely blocked any direct path from the upper strong point.

I’m not sure how much of the rear structure to build up; the concern is possibly not being able to remove the drivetrain… kind of important! I would have added this entry yesterday but the day seemed to come up about an hour short…