9 Oct 2016

The forward section is done. As with the middle section, it’s not perfect but “pretty good”, with not too many goofs. The first picture shows the unfortunate-but-necessary pattern orientation, necessary so the strands aren’t asked to bend sharply around corners. Orienting the pattern at 45 degrees to the weave cuts the bend angles in half but with the unfortunate side effect of it being more wasteful of material due to the fairly narrow width of the composite roll.

There’s still work to be done (on all pieces), consisting of a thin coat of epoxy/micro, finish sanding, then paint. That decision is a ways off since the rear piece is next in line. Due to the amount of composite needed I may stick to fiberglass for this one; I’ll have to see how much is left over and whether there’s enough for at least one layer and preferably two.

The color of the ductwork hasn’t been decided. Dark green to keep it low-key (but dark paint shows surface imperfections), or lime green to make it more of a feature but risk making the car look more visually top-heavy? Weigh that against a bright color up high aiding visibility to other cars and being more forgiving of surface imperfections. The only reason the flat black is on there is that it was a spare can of heavy content filler and I was keen to see what it looked like without the oddball colors it had previously.